10 Amazing Urban Gardening Buildings

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014 - Architecture, Gardening

As we have discussed in previous posts on Urban Gardening for Metropolitan, urban gardening becomes a unique thing to do in large urban areas. especially to get clean air gaps between the exhaust fumes. Green wall, vertical gardens and green roofs are the kinds of urban gardening that can be applied. The following are some buildings that implement the three concepts and transform a house becomes the green house exteriors.

Here are 10 Amazing Urban Gardening Buildings from Around the World

1. Hole 19 – Golfclub

Golf Hole 19 Home Garden Ideas

X Architekten has created a project called Hole 19 – Golfclub St.. Oswald. According to the architects they combine club house with the landscape and integrating consistently into the an natural environment, the outside of the house is designed to seamlessly become one with the golf course.

2. The Meera House

The Meera House Garden Design

Guz Architects gave the name of the project design The Meera House. This place is located in the Island of Sentona in Singapore. We can consider this project daring and original project. not all homes will use green space for every floor of the building.

3. Three-level house

Three Level House Urban Gardening

Designed by McGlashen Architecture and built like a natural fade. Three-level house surrounded becomes mirror and surrounding by hills. It can provide a living environment that is aesthetically pleasing and healthy.

4. Black Beauty Tierra Villa

Tierra Villa Garden Design

Black Beauty Tierra Villa is a magnificent modern residence located in the village of Black Beauty Village in Ostional, Costa Rica. Has an area of ​​2992 square feet and features three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, and views about the green roof is unique and thus has the impression of modern eco-jungle villa.

5. The Malbaie V Residence

Malbaie V Residence Garden

Located in the picturesque region of Cap-a-I’Aiglein the heart of Charlevoix, Quebec, Canada. The Malbaie V Residence is the name of this building provided by the Montreal-based studio designed Mu Architecture and inspiring. simple exterior of this house just wrapped some woods and use the green roof technique on rooftops.

6. Redesigned SHouse

Redesigned SHouse Roof Garden

Was originally designed by Architect Wilfried Higler for his family. And the recently redesigned SHouse by German Studio CHRIST. CHRIST Associated Architects. Volumetric architecture creates a balanced and allow further building if necessary.

7. Ricardo Bofill Vertical Garden

Ricardo Bofill Vertical Garden Design

Ricardo Bofill is the creator of one of the best architects re conversion. They make the old cement factory, which was once used for industrial building into an artistic building. with an area of ​​more than 3100 square meters of space divided into several models such as laboratories, exhibition halls, apartments, rooms, living room and garden.

8. Guz Arcthitects Cluny House

Guz Arcthitects Garden Landscaping

Guz Arcthitects is very unique to make the exterior design of the house. Proved by Cluny House that located in Singapore. According to the architects, photo-voltaic cells and solar water heaters in collaboration with design for passive cooling and cross ventilation to reduce energy use. Irrigation tanks, roof gardening, and recycling rainwater.

9. Vertical Living Gallery

Vertical Living Gallery Gardening

The chess board is a real inspiration to the world of design and architecture. This building is proof of that inspiration. Designed by architects Sansiri and landscape architects Shima building isl located in Bangkok was named Vertical Living Gallery.

10. The Green Weaving Club House

Green Weaving Club House

Modern golf course and club house stands in Jeollanam-do (South Jeolla), South Korea. The Green Weaving Club House measuring more than 5670 square feet but the building is made long and narrow. Yo Hyunjoon Architects that make this fantastic place where golf lovers can both enjoy the modern facilities in a contemporary setting.

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