Decorate With Fun Mickey Mouse Kids Bedroom Ideas

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Decorate With Fun Mickey Mouse Kids Bedroom Ideas

Who does not know Mickey Mouse? He is one of the most popular characters from Disney. Many children become the fans of Mickey Mouse. Are your children also fans of Mickey Mouse? Why not consider using Mickey Mouse as your children’s bedroom theme? Mickey Mouse kids bedroom ideas are very popular among many children. Finding the right items for your Mickey Mouse kids bedroom ideas is easy since the options available are wide.


You can start from the wall area. You have several options to decorate the walls. The first option is painting the wall and the second is applying wallpaper. You can also paint the walls and apply bedroom wall stickers that you can find widely in the market. If you are painting the walls, consider painting the walls in Mickey Mouse colors. What are Mickey Mouse colors? Mickey Mouse is associated with some colors which are red from his pants, yellow from his shoes, black from his ears, and white from his clothes. Use these color combinations in your bedroom. To get neutral look, go with white color for the wall and infuse other colors such as red, yellow, and black as the accent colors. As another option, you can always use Mickey Mouse wallpaper. Finding this wallpaper is easy in home furniture or retailer stores. You can also decorate the wall with Mickey Mouse stickers.

Another part of Mickey Mouse kids bedroom ideas is linens. For the curtains, get red or yellow curtain. You can also use the curtain which features Mickey Mouse pattern on them. Not only curtain, but you can also use Mickey Mouse bed sheets and comforters. You can also use red bed sheet and yellow blanket. Go with Mickey Mouse furniture. If you are doubting to get Mickey Mouse bedroom furniture because your children can outgrow them one day, consider purchasing something more timeless such as children bed, dresser, changing table, bedside table, and other furniture pieces which have red, white, yellow, or other Mickey Mouse colors.

Fun Mickey Mouse Kids Bedroom Ideas

Complete your fun Mickey Mouse kids bedroom ideas with Mickey Mouse accessories. Choose Mickey Mouse accessories which suit your children’s gender. If your children are girls, it is fine to put stuffed Mickey Mouse dolls. These dolls are accepted for boys but it depends on the age. Older boys do not want to have dolls in their bedroom. You can put the stuffed dolls on shelving. Add lighting to your children bedroom. You can add lighting by using Mickey Mouse shaped lamps or Mickey Mouse painted on the lampshade.

Accessories for Mickey Mouse Kids Bedroom Ideas

There are still many accessories which can be great addition to Mickey Mouse kids bedroom ideas. Accessories for Mickey Mouse kids bedroom ideas are including Mickey Mouse piggy bank, Mickey Mouse mirrors, Mickey Mouse rugs, and many more. Red, white, yellow, and black are common combinations for Mickey Mouse kids bedroom. However, you can go with other colors too. Choose color scheme and bathroom furniture which match with your children’s personality. Pay attention at the budget. Before starting to shop, it is better for you to set your budget. You do not want to overspend your budget.

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