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Clean Wool Rugs Tips

Carpet or Rugs is one of the accessories that are used to beautify the interior of the house. In addition, many people use carpets to the floor is not dirty and is not have to clean the floors every day. Other than that in order to relaxed on the floor without having to directly touch the cold floor. But do you know that cleaning carpet floor is not easy?. Especially if you accidentally spill coffee or milk on the carpet. You would think it is better not to use the carpet instead of having to clean the coffee stains. Some advantages when using the carpet is that you are not have to clean it every day and to which few spots you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean it. But there are times when the carpet should be cleaned. Even if the carpet can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, which accumulate on the carpet smell will remain attached. Plus the carpet material will into damaged and untreated.

Easy Tips to Cleaning Wool Carpet and Rugs

This time, we will discuss some tips how to cleaning wool carpet. However, that we will discuss carpet that made ​​of wool. Different from the regular carpet, wool carpet is a special material that adds warmth and beauty of colors in home interiors. But the difference between regular carpet and carpet wool lies in the rug treatment. Cleaning wool carpet is more difficult to maintain and should be treated routinely. If not wool carpet will look more striking, if not cleaned or less maintenance. The wool will easily fall out and look more dirty if you spill coffee on it. You will spend more to clean it twice a week with a vacuum cleaner. Do not use vacuum cleaners with a self adjusting use stiff brushes as it may cause fuzzing. good vacuum cleaner to remove dust, dirt and hair from carpets. shake or hit your wool carpet with a bat after cleaning with a vacuum cleaner.

Carpet could accidentally spilled drinks and dirt in a certain place. To cleaning wool carpet, it use the spot removal solution recommended by the manufacturer or wool rug with a mild detergent containing no bleach mixed with warm water. Use a clean cloth and then, enter into a detergent solution, use a cloth to clean the stain. Do not use water that detergent directly onto the carpet to avoid the carpet is not too wet. Do not rub the stain to avoid further spreading but rather blot working inwards to the rug’s base. When finished cleaning the dirty area, dry it with clean paper towels. layered the in wet place and press to remove excess moisture. brush carpet with finger to restore the shape and let dry.

If in good condition, for a deep cleaning wool carpet can be done at least once in several years. But it can be done once every one year. For deeper cleaning, you can hire a professional or cleaning services. Aerosol foam shampoos can be used for light cleaning. There are also methods that allow extraction of drying to keep the carpet dry at all times when being cleaned. Spray extraction method is used for very dirty carpets. That would be need if you rarely cleaning your wool rugs. That’s some tips to cleaning wool carpet, hopefully it is useful for your.

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