Girl Bedroom Accessories For Disney Tangled Kids Bedroom Decor

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Your children are Rapunzel’s fans? Rapunzel is the main character of Disney’s movie, Tangled. She is known for her super long hair. The movie itself has taught many important morale messages for viewers. If your children especially love this sweet girl, why not consider getting Disney Tangled Kids bedroom decor for their bedroom area?

There is no exact rule that Disney Tangled kids bedroom decor is for girl only. However, Rapunzel herself is a girl and the story involves love romance which makes this sweet story is more suitable for girls. If you are planning to get Disney Tangled Kids bedroom decor, you need the right bedroom accessories. These are including pretty bedding, colorful wall hanging, and other accessories. You can build Rapunzel room or add Rapunzel accessories to existing decoration.

Disney Tangled Kids Bedroom Decor For Girls

Start from your wall. Many consider wall is a big part of the room. To decorate the wall, you can use Disney’s Rapunzel wallpaper. There are some wallpaper products which are using Tangled theme. Get these wallpapers and apply those to your children’s bedroom wall. Applying these wallpaper will instantly add Tangled touch in your children bedroom. If wallpaper can make your children bedroom look too overwhelming, go with the second option. Paint your children bedroom’s wall by using the color which matches with Rapunzel theme. These colors are including lavender, pink, or simply white. After painting the wall, stick the wall sticker. Today, many manufacturers are offering Disney Tangled wall sticker. You do not have to apply the sticker on all wall areas. Instead, apply big sticker on one wall and use it as focal point. Consider getting wall sticker which tells story of the movie itself. These wall decorations are the best option if you are planning to create Disney Tangled kids bedroom decor for girls.

Next, choose the right bedding. Finding bedding for Diensy Tangled Kids bedroom decor is super easy. It is because many stores offer this bedding. Get matching bedding and comforter. You can also find separate pillow cases and bed covers. Changing bedding and comforter is one of the easiest ways to change the look of your children’s bed. Get Rapunzel furniture for your children’s bedroom. One of those furniture pieces is Rapunzel saucer chair.

Accessories For Disney Tangled Kids Bedroom Decor

For windows curtain, Disney Tangled Window Panels or drapes are great addition. Get purple and pink curtain. This curtain is decorated with beautiful colorful flower. Complete your Disney Tangled kids bedroom decor with the right bedroom accessories. Find Rapunzel lamps and night lights. Both lamps will produce soft illumination for your children bedroom. Get Rapunzel rugs to add warmth. Rapunzel table and chair set will be great addition too. This table set is great for your children. This table set has over than 4 feet height. When your girl is ready to eat her snack, you can always transform the castle into table set with chairs. Your girl will have enough room to play and to study. Since Tangled is popular, many bedroom accessories for Disney Tangled kids bedroom decor are available in the market.






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