Important Tips to Use Wooden Floor in Our Project

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The right wooden floor can change the appearance and shades a space. This can be the difference between the room looking for a complete and looking for True False. But as soon as you’ve found the perfect floor, it is important to make them look as great as possible, as long as possible. Chris Elliot, of Ambience Hardwood Flooring is a flooring expert based in Britain and sells a variety of oak Wooden floor and Wooden in Ambience. Chris has joined WIDN 4 tips to share its important to use Hardwood Floors in your project.

Choosing the correct wooden floor is essential.

Choosing the right flooring is essential if you want your floor to remain durable and long lasting. the correct choice is also very important to your property. Solid Wooden floor is very beautiful, but they also have limitations. For example, you can not put a solid timber. They should be in a safe place, which means that if the wood is in contact with a timber floors, Wooden floor will damage it. Especially if the wood was rough, toothed and humid.

Are manufactured to make it more steady with a timber using layer on the top of both plywood base or foundation blocks. This enables you to lay them out baggy because they are stable and do not need to be held in place. You can also use it with a under-floor heating that you can not do with a solid timber flooring. A further advantage to using engineered timber floors is that you can use the underlying voice checks, which is important when installing on the apartments.

Moisture checking your sub floor before fitting is essential

Any wooden floor you choose to suit your taste, you need to make sure your subfloor must be free of moisture, so if you put on the wood. You need to use a moisture meter to stab into the timber subfloor to measure the water content. All meters both features a traffic light system so it is very easy to work with and read. If you are laying on the concrete floor you need to use a moisture meter concrete (it is important to examine this If not you will get a false reading), they also have a traffic lamp system to ease of use. If you are not sure about this, you can hire a professional.

Acclimatization of your timber floors is important.

Whatever flooring you choose to lie down on the property you need to correct the condition prior to laying. All of wet work should be completed and dried over prior to shipping your timber floors. So if you have a new plaster should be completely dry the timber floors will act such as sponge and absorb any humidity that is within space, causing floors to swell. After you have your floors inside the room you must leave it to conform to the normal room temperature, from 17 to 20 degrees, and also 45% -65% relatively moisture. For a solid floors you need to leave them for approximately 7 days while the fabricated timber floors requires only about 3 days.

Installation of your floors correctly is important

If you install a solid timber floors you need to secure it down because it is not sufficiently stable to put down loosely. When installed on wooden floor boards or plywood you can ‘secret nail’ basement using a nail gun teeth or You may also use the screws tight tonged. If you are laying on top of chipboard or concrete, you need to glue floors down using versatile adhesive. If you fit fabricated timber floors you can also glue down or you can “float” floors. This means laying loosely and stick through the underlying join if tonged and grooved timber floors, if it clicks you can click on floors together

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