Inspiration To Plan Small Rustic Kitchen Ideas

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Small rustic kitchen ideas can be great option for you who are looking for something beautiful yet comforting. Rustic décor idea is highly loved because it has simple but very homey look. It is great for any room in your house starting from your living room, bathroom, or even kitchen. It is especially great for kitchen where you need everything to be practical.



Inspiration On Small Rustic Kitchen Ideas

According to many décor experts, rustic decorating style is all about bringing country style furniture in modern décor. Rustic is the combination of modern technology and classic subtleness. You will get comfort and style. When you are planning small rustic kitchen ideas, wood material is important option. Get several wood furniture pieces such as large wooden cabinets, wooden shelves, and wooden table. Traditional furniture is much more preferred. You can add some materials like coppers, stones, and irons as accents.

Colors hold important role in inspiration on small rustic kitchen ideas. The signature colors of rustic kitchen are including red and orange. It does not have to be the combination of red and orange. Instead, consider combining red and other colors. However, rustic is commonly using the combination of red and orange. A popular color combination is orange, red, gold, or olive greens. You can add the colors through walls, furniture, clothing, and kitchen accessories.

Add several kitchen accessories. Having a wall clock in your kitchen is useful to show the time. There are many times when you are cooking and you need to know the time. This wall clock does not only add function but also decorating touch. The options on wall clock are wide. Choose something which is made of rustic wood or iron. Add lighting. Several lighting options which are acceptable in small rustic kitchen ideas are chandeliers, wall sconces, or real petroleum lamps. Since your kitchen is small, having the right lighting is important since lighting can create the illusion of larger kitchen area.

Plan Small Rustic Kitchen Ideas

Wood is important material in small rustic kitchen ideas. If you want to get authentic look and feel, you should keep the furniture simple. Choose furniture with visible wood grain. If you are adding chairs in your kitchen, get wooden chairs with colorful cushions. Use your cooking utensils and ingredients as decoration. Get some wooden bowls and fill them with fruits, kitchen utensils, salads, and other useful kitchen utensils. You should also get some wooden kitchen accessories such as draining or chopping boards, trays, or cooking utensils. Consider getting rustic wooden wall shelves or plate racks. These help you to display your rustic kitchen utensils.

Include items from nature for your small rustic kitchen ideas. Get some things from nature. For example, you can collect pebbles, seashells, dried flower, and many more. Consider making wreath from real branches, dried fruits, and dried flowers and hang them on your wall as decoration.

Many home owners are using textured surfaces as your plan small rustic kitchen ideas. You can get willow or wicker basket or earthenware jugs, plates, or bowls. These will add the rustic look to your kitchen. Use wicker basket to store various kitchen items. Your kitchen is not complete without fabrics like oven mitten, kitchen napkins, and many more. Several fabrics which are great for small rustic kitchen ideas are including quilts and embroidered textiles.

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