PALAWAN Philippines. A dream destination for summer.

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PALAWAN Philippines. A dream destination for summer.

Summer is even fun and amazing if you spend it somewhere near where is nature, fresh air and such a remarkable views. Have you ever been in palawan? If not then here’s what you need to know for your dream  destination for summer. PALAWAN Philippines.




Palawan is known to be one of the most attractive and beautiful regions of the philippines. It is the most great proud and pride of the COUNTRY. It has a stunning beauty of lofty mountains, the WORLD’s longest underground river, and the unspoilt rainforest that has an addicting and amazing magical views. PALAWAN Philippines has has it’s own harbours that vast throughout the rainforests and the gorgeous wilderness. Adding the beautiful sloping mountains that runs through the length of the amazing Palawan mainland that is also providing an ever comfort and sanctuary for the rare species and animal. Marine life and coral reefs of Palawan has a very strong and strict protection from harm and exploitation to keep the virgin beauty of the whole PALAWAN. It is been declared that Palawan is one of the most the best nature sanctuary of the entire world , wildlife protection and preservation is a must.


Palawan Philippines is one of the dream destination for summer, that’s because there so many interesting and amazingly beautiful things, sceneries and so many activities will give you so much adventure and perfect experience once in a lifetime and even if you dream to propose to a special someone and planning a beach wedding, palawan will give the best place, beaches and accommodation.

What to see in Palawan?

Palawan waters in or a diver’s paradise is one of the world’s best. The region of Palawan is surrounded by the wall of Palawan’s beautiful coral and rainbow reef. Containing a stunning diverse ecosystems such as mangroves, white’sand, rainforests, coral reefs limestones cliffs, beaches and an amazing and countless variety of rare mammals and  fishes- for example of sea cow or “dugong” and the Manta ray.

 Where to go in Palawan? A Dream destination for summer.

Puerto Princesa Underground RiverIs one of the worlds most recognized and dream destination for summer. Last January 2012, it was declared as one of the tops of New 7 Wonders of the World. The long underground river has 8.2km with the boasts of 24 km length of the cave in the section of CABAYUGAN River. The famous cave has it’s rarely, unique and unusual stalactites and stalagmites formations. The well known Puerto Princesa underground river park has a habitat for biodiversity conservation and a stunning form of limestone mountain and the priceless beautiful landscape.The Puerto Princesa Underground River is one of the country’s pride.

As well as the HONDA BAY, IRAWAN ECO PARK, Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park, and also the Calauit Wildlife Sanctuary found and located in northern Calamianes Islands is where you can find so many exotic and familiar animal species just wandering and roaming along freely in the forests plains and hills. Just like Africa in Asia they call it.

CLIMATE. Just like in Boracay Island of the Philippines, The famous province of Palawan has two types of climate but it’s stays tropical.first is which the northern and southern extremities and the entire western coast, has two distinct seasons – it’s divided to a six months humid dry and heat and the other is six months raining and wet season. During the months of July and August, is the famous time of raining season in the whole region. Summer months which is january till MAY serve as peak and the highest summer season for Palawan. From March to june when seas are calm, Sea voyaging is the most favorable activities for those who love sailing. With average and the maximum temperature is 30-33 degrees C the entire year. It’s okay, just pick the peak season for it’s the most perfect time to scuba diving, snorkeling, kitesurfing, kayaking, suping and other sea sports fun and adventure. ENJOY!

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