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Cars Movie Kids Room Decoration

We would have thought the bedroom was just a place to sleep and laze around while listening to songs, read books, etc.. But decorating is a fun thing to do when I was at home. Especially if we’re happy mood. With a little imagination, we can change our room to be our favorite place when you’re doing something or being lazy. Includes kids room, the children are the years when they have high imagination and always wanted to do something. Especially if it is supported by the room to explore with their imaginations. Or you do not like your kids are playing out because your child is wrong get along, you can use your child’s room to ask your child to remain at home without having to send your child with a loud tone. Even your child can also bring friends home to play. If you need some fresh ideas to build and decorate the room for your child, here we give a few tips for decorating childrens room :

Easy tips to Decorating Children’s Room

1. Talk to your child

Your passion and your child’s passion is not necessarily the same. Especially with her ​​gender. You want to decorating childrens room filled with guitars, cars, and a soccer ball, but your son is a female, she will not like the bedroom. Take your time to talk with your child.  Ask your child about what his hobbies and what are the things they want to fill the room. So you can set up his room without having to think whether he likes it or not.

2. No need to go overboard with a theme

When your child is 6 years old and 2 years later he would be 8 years old. That’s when they’ll get new things and new hobbies. Your child when he was 6 years old was really love Doraemon his bedroom and he wanted to his bedroom always be filled with doraemon, ranging from mattresses, blankets, pillows, bolsters and toys should be patterned Doraemon. So don’t use all of the theme of Doraemon. Your child will not always like Doraemon. Give an empty area to put his new hobby. And when he began to grow, teach them to donate the old goods to someone who need it.

3. Allow for an evolution of style

If your child is younger than talking age, or is simply unsure of what he’d like to see in his room, then it may be easier to create a room that can change right along with your child. Use muted but versatile colors like taupe, blue, green, red, and white as the base for the decor, and you can slowly add decor more individually suited to your child over time.

4. Give your decor / furniture according to the level.

You want to train your son to clean his own room. But there is one place that is not dirty because he can not clean it because the cabinet is too high or the bottom of the bed is too narrow. And finally he was not completely clean rooms. If he’s wardrobe is too high for him, then your child will fill in the contents of cabinets are easy to him. The contents of cabinets eventually become irregular. Then replace these items and fill it with something that could reach him.

That is some tips of decorating childrens room, i hope to be useful for you. See also the information about Classic Traditional Style of Interior Design & Furniture.

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