Tips On Color Combination For Grey Bathroom Ideas

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Grey bathroom ideas are great for people who want to get sleek and calming bathroom in their house. This grey color is one of the most favorite neutral colors. Many tips on grey bathroom ideas recommend some color combinations. The color is combined with other colors such as purple, blue, and green.

Tips On Grey Bathroom Ideas

Consider adding cherry red into your color combination for grey bathroom ideas. Red is passionate and it is commonly associated with excitement and movement. Grey can be dull but adding red will add lively shade. The touch of red will give energy and vitality for your grey bathroom. There are many options which you can choose in adding the red color. You can paint some walls in grey and other walls in cherry red color. Another option is painting the wall in different shades of gray and adding cherry red accessories. These accessories can be bath mats, towels, hand cloths, soap dishes, and other accessories. It is much better if you can find cherry red accessories which have similar color. However, minor variations in color value work just fine. Adding red color to grey bathroom ideas will add warmth and energy.

Color Combination For Grey Bathroom Ideas – Playing Color ideas

Color combination for Grey bathroom ideas is also great if you want to create sleek and modern bathroom. Grey itself has modern touch. Combine grey color with stainless steel or brushed nickel to emphasize the cool touch in your bathroom. Make investment in showy faucet which is installed from the wall and placed above distinctive and custom sink. Get a marble tile backsplash which is using tiles in many different patterns and shades of grey. A great idea for your bathroom is installing shower door framed in silver instead of hanging shower curtain. Accent your bathroom with rug. Put a thick grey shag area rug on the floor area.

Combine grey color with green color. The combination of green and grey creates calming atmosphere in bathroom area. Apply the green and grey color on your wall. As another option, you can also add the green through lush green plants. If your bathroom area has the access to natural light, consider adding real plants. Some great plants for your bathroom area are including bamboo and dracaenas. If your bathroom does not have a lot of natural light, you should stick with silk foliage plants. It is also a great idea to add curtain panels to the window area. For the wall area, you should hang simple botanical prints. There are still many options on grey bathroom ideas.

If you want to get bright bathroom, consider using yellow color. Combine yellow and grey color. This yellow color will add warmth to your bathroom. This yellow color can be added through wall color or accessories with yellow color. A yellow and grey striped shower curtain will be terrific option. Add sunflower to your grey bathroom. This sunflower will add bright and cheerful touch to your bathroom.

In planning grey bathroom ideas, the right color combination is important. It is because grey can be dull if you are not choosing the color properly. Combine the color with bright and cheerful color is one of the best ways to pull off grey bathroom ideas.

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