Wall Mounted Storage Cabinets: Sweet Floating Wood Shelves

Friday, June 20th, 2014 - Furniture, Interior

Wall Mounted Storage Kitchen Cabinets For Modern Design

Wall Mounted Storage Cabinets is a perfect idea to keep any favorite items. We can set in as wood shelves inside the kitchen, family room, or even in the bathroom.

Wall Mounted Storage Cabinets can be a focal point inside the room decorations. This stuff is perfect to display any favorite items such as photos, glass, travel souvenirs, and so on. In other hands, if it is mounted well on the wall, storage cabinet can be the best storage ever for your Encyclopedia collections. Thus, you must know well how to install if you want do it by yourselves. Here are some tips.

Step by Step Building Floating Cabinet

First, mark the position of your Wall Mounted Storage Cabinets. You can do with a pencil or string line. Second, cut the wood or other materials. Try to give a smooth cut. Third, measure well to determine the cleat thickness. If you have done this step, now is the time to screw cleats to the marked wall. Install the shelves or cabinet carefully and before you use, examine that it is strong enough to shore up your items.

Set Up in the Right Place

A floating cabinet is able to set up in everywhere, but the perfect condition for it is inside the kitchen, family room, and the bathroom. Thus, for it here are some tips. In the kitchen, you can set up this Floating Wood Shelves upper the sink. Position it as your tableware display, so make it without wood drawer or door, and easily use glass to protect them from dust.

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It is behaving to float cabinets in the family room. Next, we will apply it inside the bathroom. There are two kinds of Wall Mounted Bathroom Storage Cabinets. First originally for keeping bathing stuffs and second we will make it as floating vanity. It can be unique and different idea. Place it in medium size with two drawers under the sink and let be stunning with ideas of Wall Mounted Storage Cabinets.

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