Wall Mounted TV Ideas You Can Try At Home

Saturday, January 3rd, 2015 - Interior

Are you getting new LCD or plasma flat screen TV? You can always put your TV in any room in your house starting from living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and many more. Even some people are putting their TV in bathroom area so they can enjoy their favorite TV show while soaking in bathtub. Putting TV in bathroom area is possible but you need the right arrangement for your entertainment center. It is because bathroom is the room where it has direct contact with water so you must install the electricity properly. In some cases, wall mounted TV ideas are much better option.

Wall mounted TV ideas are recommended for people who are planning to put TV in bathroom area. These ideas are great if you cannot place the TV above the floor area and whet is impossible for you to put the television cabinet because of limited space or other reasons. There are some options on wall mounted TV ideas.


Floating Shelves Wall Mounted TV Ideas

Consider using floating shelves as your wall mounted TV ideas. These floating shelves wall mounted TV ideas provide enough storage space to keep necessary components for your television unit. If you are using floating shelves, it is necessary for you to keep the design minimalist around the television. Minimalist design helps you to create storage space without mess. Today, there are many types of floating shelves available in the market. Choose the shelves which suit your interior design. For example, shelves with molding edges are great for country-style home. If your house has contemporary look, you can go with floating shelves which have clean lines. Get the shelves which features floating glass or metallic edged shelves. You have to ensure that you check the size and maximum capacity of the shelves before you fill them up with your equipment. You do not want to get low durability shelves since TV is quite heavy. You need something that has the ability to withstand the weight.

When you are planning to execute wall mounted TV ideas, consider creating art space. Many are placing their TV set at the center of the wall area. When the TV is on, you might enjoy beautiful visual. However, when you are switching off the television, it will leave a large black space on your wall. Many home owners are using wall mounted TV ideas for art space. Use artwork and three dimensional sculptures to add visual touch around the TV. There are some aspects to consider in getting the art space. It is important for you to choose the right size, color, and texture. Avoid getting the art piece which is too bright or too large. It is recommended for you to go with simple black and white. Sculptures are also great. A great option is wire and metal sculptures which frame the bottom corners and top of television.

Built-In Wall Mounted TV Ideas

In case you have a large space, built-in wall mounted TV ideas can be great option. The position of the television depends on the space’s layout. You have the option to add shelving which you can use to store DVD, CD, or other entertainment units. You might want to leave adequate space to put other elements such as gaming console.

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