Affordable and Amazing easy Wall Art ideas

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The most simple yet amazing wall art ideas for you homes comfort. Wall arts, wall decoration and so many variation and designs. Contemporary, DIY or modern designs and ideas all comes together with it.

Many and most of us dream to have a classy yet little sassy tastes when it comes to decorating the just new house, flat and even apartment, we go try to look on our deepest imagination how to create or come up with the most unique and creative wall arts we want hanging in our empty walls. Well, no it’s not that hard as you thought it would be, there’s very cheap way and easy way and even make your own personalized wall arts or decoration to develop a plain home to a beautiful and unique wall in every part and are of you house or room’s wall.


You keep thinking that it’s very hard or too difficult to find the right decorations for your own home, well sometime it is, that is when you don’t have any idea what to do or when and where to start. Well maybe you’re thinking of certain type of wall art and knowing there’s no way you could ever afford it. Spending money for any house decorations particularly for your walls is nice but why spend money if you can do a little recycling and using old things not knowing you can create an amazing design of wall art ideas from scratch?

Get inspired through spaces that fit your style, people with unique perspectives and art worth a closer look. Here are some examples you wont believe you should’ve done long time ago.

Garden Butterfly Wall Art Ideas

*Look at this high-quality printing. Isn’t it stunning? Giving this fine art print, the unique vivid and sharp focused and effect of the whole picture. This art reproduction is well coated with a silken finish that protects the inks and creates an elegant and amazing look. The versatile art print strikes a balance between quality and affordability.

Barnwood Wall Arts Ideas

*Yes, this wall art is made from a scratch old barnwood. It’s so amazing how a barnwood can turn the whole room unique and gorgeous. And no, it’s not that hard to make this one. You can make and apply your own skills and ideas to make your own personalize barnwood wall arts decoration.

Pallet Wood Art ideas

*Just like as the barnwood wall arts, but this one is little tricky and more fun to build. After building, throw and hang whatever matches and suits to the surface and style of the room you want to have. Pallet furniture goes perfect together with pallet arts as well.

Paper Butterfly Wall art Ideas

*Looks girly, pinky and sassy isn’t it? Yes, but if you want your own favorite color to in your wall then get your glue sticks, scissors and colored paper ready. Looks tricky and hard? No it’s not, for sure you can find some procedures and “how to” make them. I love these.

Wedding Photo (Wooden Rustic)

*Just married? Maybe thinking of what to hang on your dining area? Bedroom maybe? Or how about in your hall way? You can never be wrong choosing this one. Unique, rustic and amazing look on this one.

Scrapbook Wall Art Ideas

*Oh! No words can explain how amazing this old scrapbooks can turn to an amazing wall arts. I love this design and there’s no way to keep myself from sharing this to you. I know you’ll figure it out. But for me, I gave it a try and to tell you, it’s worth everything.

PARIS (places/Cities) Wall Art Ideas

*Ok. I love PARIS, so here’s just the example of a wall arts about places you ever been. Make it as a souvenir, ever photos straight from your camera, print it out and hang it to your dearest chosen wall.

Framed SeaShells Wall Art Ideas

*For sure there’s store you can find selling sea shells or gathered some from last holiday trip. Now you can make your own personalize wall arts by sea shells. Let me tell you, they become the center of attraction if you hang them in you hallway, kitchen or bathroom. Give it a try!

Painted Sliced Woods

*Got some woods at your backyard? In your garage maybe? Well, then that just steps away of getting this unique wall arts idea for you empty wall. Let’s get them cut and choose you desire colors and stick them in the wall. Shall we??

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