Choosing Option For Rustic Backyard Fence Ideas

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Backyard fence is necessary and important for your house safety. Fence has many functions including marking off your house area, giving privacy around your house, protecting your house items, and adding beautiful touch to your backyard area. If your house has rustic design, why not choosing rustic backyard fence ideas?




Choosing Rustic Backyard Fence Ideas

In choosing rustic backyard fence ideas, you should first choose the right materials. It can be said that naturals hold important role in determining the rustic look. To get the rustic look, natural bamboo fence can be the right option. Natural bamboo fences are highly recommended for people who need privacy. The best part from this fence is the fence does not need any staking and needs little maintenance. Even so, it still provides the privacy you need. First, you need to start by creating underground cement planter. This is used to guide the bamboo’s growth.

Bamboo can grow quickly and move out from its containers. Due to this reason, you need to put a good 2 feet of pacers around the bed to prevent the overgrowth. You should fill in the bed and plant several bamboo shots. Put them 2 feet apart. Leave them for two seasons and the entire fence will be filled in completely. You have privacy and natural touch to your backyard. This fence is the right for people who want privacy and natural touch in your backyard.

Option For Rustic Backyard Fence Ideas

Another great option for rustic backyard fence ideas is stone fence. Natural stone fence is both earthy and rustic like fences from tree and branches. Even so, stone fences provide better sturdiness and security compared to wood. Stone fences provide the heightened pastoral quality and elegant sense. Build your fence from stone material and a simple wooden door can be used as opening of the fence. Make the wooden door from uneven and rough wood. This kind of wood gives fairy tale quality.

If those rustic backyard fence ideas are not for you, consider going with log fences. These fences are constructed of slabs of logs, tree branches, and tree trunks. Many consider these fences are the best option for rustic design. These fences surround your house with more natural way. It also looks great with bucolic environment. When you are applying this idea, you are not working with painted and polished wooden fences. Instead, you go with log and branch fences which display the trees from which the pieces came. This kind of fence helps your house to blend with nature.

In finding the best rustic backyard fence ideas, consider building lattice fence. This kind of fence works just fine with country home which is not too concerned about privacy and anonymity. Lattice fence has grid like effect which will allow sunlight to poke in through the fence. It lets the residents to see through the holes. Leave the wood in bare condition or paint it. Bare wood looks more rustic compared to painted woods. This fence allows you to grow climbing plants such as grapes, passion flowers, and many more.

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