Cool And Natural Grey Kitchen Ideas

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Grey color is available in many different shades. You can find light pale grey to deep dark grey. This color is one of the most neutral colors available for home decor. Use this color in your house area will create neutral and calming look. However, be careful in applying grey color. Too many grey colors can cause boring and plain look. Avoid this problem by combining grey color with other colors such as yellow, blue, and other colors. Are you planning to use the color in kitchen area? This article offers some grey kitchen ideas.

Cool Grey Kitchen Ideas

Do you want to get warm atmosphere with your grey kitchen ideas? You need to choose the right color combination to accompany the grey color. Combine grey with several colors such as yellow and red. You can use colors like green, yellow, red, and orange as grey combination for the wall area. The combination of warm grey with bright red or lime green will give energy and create passion in kitchen area. If you want to get more subtle look, combine pale yellow or pastel coral with grey color. For cabinet, get gold toned or cherry wood stained cabinet with gold accents for handles. Choose ivory white appliances for these grey kitchen ideas. If warm grey is not suitable, try cool grey kitchen ideas.

Start by installing cool grey tiles. Combine this color with several colors such as green, violet, and blue. The combination of grey and soft blue or violet creates soft appearance to your kitchen. Grey and deep evergreen produces visual statement. For this color combination, wood cabinets stained with ebony or grayish blue stain are more preferred. Choose kitchen fixtures which reflect cooler silver tone. For example, get stainless steel appliances and add metal accents for your kitchen. These are including pot rail and fruit basket.

Natural Grey Kitchen Ideas

When it comes to grey kitchen ideas, brown and grey combination is great. These colors create fresh modern design since grey and brown are contrasted with each other. Get medium brown cabinets and place it next to dark grey tile back splash. Add medium grey painting to wall area. Other important elements for your kitchen area are including light tan marble counter-tops and light grey tile flooring. These are important principle in creating natural grey kitchen ideas.

If you want to get classic look, natural white and black with your grey color are great combination. Apply dark slate gray tile flooring and back splash. Combine those with white painted kitchen cabinets. The combination will create dramatic look. If it is too dramatic for you, instead of white color, go with ivory white. For the appliances, white appliances are more recommended. Another alternative is combining light gray tile with black metal cabinets and black appliances. This combination is great for people who want to get Gothic look.

If planning for your grey kitchen ideas, you should choose matching combination between your kitchen elements such as flooring, wall, lighting, furniture, and appliances. You can use grey color only, but use different hues of grey to create different look and avoid plain atmosphere.

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