Must know Tips For Rustic Kitchen Ideas

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Do you want to have warm and inviting kitchen? Consider designing your kitchen with rustic kitchen ideas. If you are looking for friendly kitchen design which is suitable for family and friends to eat, cook, or hang around, rustic kitchen ideas are for you. The characteristic of the rustic design is natural materials, bright warm colors, and a lot of access to natural light. Rustic design pulls off the old and rustic atmosphere in your kitchen.



Materials For Rustic Kitchen Ideas

What you need to do to execute rustic kitchen ideas? First, you need to choose the right materials. Materials for rustic kitchen ideas are commonly natural materials. Use these natural materials on all aspects including flooring, counter tops, walls, and cabinets. Materials hold important role in creating rustic look. You should choose natural materials or materials which have natural appearance. If you already install wooden flooring in your kitchen, you just need to strip them and stain them to create the old look and feeling. As another option, you can also recreate the same look with faux natural materials. Several good options are including laminate wood and faux stone tile. Terracotta tile also works just fine for rustic flooring.

For the walls, you can use natural brick or stone to create the look. Natural brick helps you to warm your kitchen space beautifully. Stone material is more expensive but using this stone material as the accent allows you to create dramatic effect. For the cabinet, you should get kitchen cabinet which features rustic and weathered design. Choose something which is made of stained bead board woods. There are some material options which can be great for kitchen counter top. These are including soapstone, woods, and granite. Antique oak and rustic pine is great. Materials for rustic kitchen ideas are natural materials. Natural material provides warm and textured look.

Lighting also holds important role in rustic kitchen ideas. Rustic kitchen needs lots of natural light. This natural light helps you to transform dull kitchen into warm and inviting place. Avoid installing bright fluorescent since it will clash in terrible manner. Natural lighting is a must. Consider having skylight or bay window installed. These help you to let the natural light to enter your kitchen. It is fine to install lighting, but, you should avoid getting high watt bulbs or fluorescent. Instead, install warm and colorful shaded lamps. Electric candles are also great. These lighting options help you to create candlelight glowing. If you have any window in your kitchen, you should keep them light and airy with the window treatments. The best window treatments are valances and roman blinds. These will frame windows without obstructing the natural light.

Accessories For Rustic Kitchen Ideas

Complete your rustic kitchen ideas with the right accessories. Be careful in choosing accessories. You do not want to choose wrong accessories for your rustic kitchen. Get metal accessories. Wood accessories are also acceptable in rustic kitchen ideas. Terracotta pottery is also great for this style. Other accessories for rustic kitchen ideas are including iron candle holder, designer vases, copper pottery, cooking utensils, wrought iron pottery, iron latches, and many more.

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