Planning an Affordable Travel and Getaway. Where to go to escape the cold winter?

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Planning an Affordable Travel and Getaway. Where to go to escape the cold winter?

Who doesn’t love summer? We can all wish that winter doesn’t exist yet would be very unfair and we cannot make it disappear. How about Planning an affordable travel and getaway to escape the cold winter this year?

I bet you know the famous PHILIPPINES? I’m sure you are aware that this beautiful country has thousands of amazing and beautiful islands. If  you’re planning an affordable travel and getaway then One of them is the TOP and the MOST FAMOUS PARADISE of BORACAY.

Boracay is just one of the tiny island in the Philippines located 15 km or 196 mi south of MANILA and just 2 km off the northwest tip of Panay Island in the part of Western Visayas region in Philippines. If you’re Planning an affordable travel and getaway, here is what you belong.

Year 2012, Because of the beautiful beaches, Boracay was chosen and awarded as the BEST and TOP island in the world from one magazine about international travel called TRAVEL+Leisure and so many more travel publications.

ACCOMMODATION.Boracay Island has BARANGAYS, including the Manoc-Manoc, Balabag, and Yapak in the municipality of Malay Aklan Province in PANAY.  Boracay has reached 350 exotic and beautiful beach resorts and Spa that offering at least 2,000 and more rooms ranging in a very quality from a very affordable budget to a 5-STAR accommodation. Adding the wide range and selections bars and restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, souvenir shops and fresh FISH/SEAFOOD Markets in BORACAY. Include the relaxing affordable Spa, Exotic foods and exotic beautiful Filipinas. There’s romantic places that meant for beach weddings for couples and a mesmerizing beauty of the sunset right in front beach in WILLY’s Rock.


BORACAY is also famous for being one of the world’s top destinations for relaxation aside of it’s beautiful beaches and white sand. It’s one of the top destinations and affordable getaway for tranquility, relaxing, adventurous and most of all wild and entertaining nightlife. 


CLIMATE and WEATHER. Boracay two seasonal weather patterns locally called as the seasons of AMIHAN and the Habagat. HABAGAT means a blowing wind from west or southwest or called the south-west monsoon. And the AMIHAN is a cool wind coming from northeast. The Amihan season is known as the moderate temperatures, no rainfall but yet has enough strong wind blowing from the north-east. This season is perfect of WINDSURFING, KITESURFING and other sea sports needing the wind blows. The Habagat season is the opposite of AMIHAN, it’s summer hot and humid, even with a heavy rainfall, and a blowing wind from the west.

LEISURE/FUN Activities. IF you are planning an Affordable Travel and Getaway, this includes a Leisure activities of course. It’s all available right in front of the White beach of the Boracay. In the list we have; parasailing, kiteboarding, scuba diving, cliff diving,helmet diving, banana boating, Flying fish, snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing and many many more for cheap and affordable prices.

But for those who loves to GOLF, There’s a place for you. Boracay is also famous with the site of an 18-hole par 72 GOLF course in Fairways and BlueWater resort and designed and created by Mr. Graham Marsh.

EVENTS. If you’re Planning an Affordable Travel and Getaway. For summer events, Boracay is one of the most famous venue of the Asian Windsurfing Tour, including a week-long competition of Boracay International FunBoard Cup. DRAGON BOAT festival is one of the famous event every APRIL-MAY in Island of Boracay. Ati Atihan Festival is one of the well known event in the island together with  nearby panay island in Kalibo every 2nd or 3rd week JANUARY.

LANGUAGE.If you’re Planning an Affordable Travel and Getaway,then somewhere people speaks english to be able to communicate and help you or understand your needs. But Local people speaks Aklanon just because Boracay is part of the Aklan Province, Kinaray-a, Hiligaynon and other Visayan languages, also the main language which is TAGALOG and of course ENGLISH.

TRANSPORTATION.If  you’re Planning an Affordable Travel and Getaway, you need to know the transportation of the destination of course. Boracay can be reached by 2 airports in Aklan. First you have the Godofredo Ramos airport or famously called CATICLAN airport. Secondly is the Kalibo international airport in Kalibo. Transportation to cross and reach the island is by operating boats from the Caticlan Jetty Port straight to the Boracay Island. Once you crossed the island, A motorcycle with a third wheel, works just like TAXI will take you in every point of the main road of the ISLAND. They are the primary transportation you can get on the island. There’s also quad bikes, motorbikes and mountain bikes to rend if you’re up to a very active day.  But to those who love to explore, walking from the front beach area will take you to wherever you want to go and will for sure you’ll find everything you need.

Enjoy your summer getaway from the freezing winter in your cold country.

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