Planning Color Combination For Grey Living Room Ideas

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Grey is one of natural colors which work with any other color well. Grey provides coolness and calmness if it is applied in living room décor. Applying the color in living room area creates elegant and comfortable atmosphere. There are many types of grey color available, starting from solid grey to soft grey. Solid grey symbolizes the strength while soft grey represents the fragility and innocence. You can use grey color to soften the bright accessories in living room area. Grey living room ideas are highly loved because it creates peaceful and calm atmosphere.

Planning Grey Living Room Ideas

When you are planning grey living room ideas, it is important for you to choose light grey color for the wall area. If you are using grey color, flat or satin paint is more preferred. Prevent the usage of glossy paint with metallic sheen. Light grey is better option for creating neutral backdrop for wall art or decorative accessories. Combine the grey color with white door trim, baseboards, and ceiling molding.

Color Combination For Grey Living Room Ideas

After painting your living room walls in grey, you should choose contrasting accent color for accessories and furniture. Cherry red color is great combination for grey color. Due to this reason, red cherry is popular color combination for grey living room ideas. Cherry red hits the spot if you want to get strong visual appearance. Other bold options are blue, orange, yellow, and black. According to many interior designers, grey color is used as an anchor for another color. You can use other colors for living room accents including candles, vases, curtains, throw pillows, and many more. Grey helps all colors in the living room blending well together in elegant and calming manner. However, there are some things to remember in choosing the accent colors. Prevent the application of more than two contrasting accent colors in the room.

If you want to enhance grey living room ideas, get electronic appliances such as computer, hardware, and television screens which feature silver metallic finishes. Some materials like stainless steel, brushed nickel, aluminum, and wrought iron metal finishes are blending well with grey color. If you are using table accessories in your living room, get table accessories which have silver metallic colors. These accessories are including candle holder, wall art picture frames, and many more.

Do you have windows in your living room area? Your decision on your windows treatment also holds important role to determine the overall look. Many experts recommend home owners to get neutral colors for floor coverings or window treatments. The neutral colors can be soft brown, off white, and many more. Add warmth to your living room through solid or patterned throw rug. The rug should have similar grey color to the wall color. For the flooring, you can include off white or brown as the accent color. Get window treatments which are brown or off white to create contrast with light grey walls. You can incorporate bold accent color into fabrics for curtains. There are still many color combinations which you can try for grey living room ideas. These are including grey and red color, grey with silver accents, and many more.

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