The Stunning and Famous Color Trends for 2014-2015

2014-2015 Top and Famous Color Trends


Each and every year almost every one of us who loves to recreate and decorate are waiting for the newest color of the year. Here’s the 2014-2015 famous color trends you’ve been waiting for. Here you have the top color picks that hits almost all paint company all over the world.





Below is the top 5 of famous color that hit the market in this year of 2014, and for sure for coming 2015 let’s and go take a sneak peak!

  • Soft luminous grey and touch of purply-blue:


Who would not love this amazing soft luminous grey shade this 2014-2015 famous color trends? It’s so calming, enchanting, lovely and classy that no doubt will fit perfectly any rooms of your home like hallways, living rooms, and even your dining room.



  • Elegant sky blue:

WOW! This color is one of the best 2014 famous color trends this year, it will really suits everyones taste of re-decorating, refurnishing and even building new home. This super amazing elegant sky blue color is indeed perfect for your bathrooms, bedrooms and even hallways for sure. This color is so refreshing and calming. I love it! Do you???



  • Dusky grey-violet:

Good thing about this color is so charming and one of the most popular in 2014 color trends. This color is just meant and perfectly suited for libraries at home, a bold and classy living room and even for you dens. This color is so amazingly gorgeous.


  • Lively teal blue:

This color rocks the paint companies this 2014-2015 famous color trends cos of it’s bright aqua shade, so refreshing, relaxing and just like made to suit a new bedrooms makeover or a newly re-decorate living room. This color can be also used in windows and doors, bathroom, hallway and kitchen area.


  • Energetic green

Are you having trouble of choosing perfect color that will match your living rooms?? Or maybe planning to have a spare room to re-decorate and turn it to an amazing unique look of your office? This unique color will gives you a very positive energy with the rare shade of green that can lift every room in the house. Maybe throw a little orange, purple or brown to give a contrast to it. Any color you would set next to it will be even more emphasized and uniquely pretty.


Nothing beats your imagination of mixing the modern and top colors of the year, so go little beyond your imagination and create the most uniques and amazing home of your comfort.


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