What is The Japanese Pagoda?

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Japanese Traditional Pagoda

There are many people feel curious to know what is the real definition of Japanese Pagoda. As we know that pagoda is one of the most well known forms of special architecture from Japan throughout its history. It is dedicated as the historical and unique temples that often used as the tourist attraction recently. Many people consider this place as the tourism area and for educative term. Here are a review related with the historical, definition and everything about Japanese Pagoda.

Real Definition of Japanese Pagoda

Based on its definition, a Japanese pagoda is the square tower that commonly is included as the monastery used by Buddhist monks. It is in a temple form and also placed as sacred relics. Every of its levels, slightly smaller than the last so that result in a bigger pyramid resembles a structure that is topped by a spire.


A square shape symbolizes a world meanwhile the middle column is regarded as the axle of the world, while the spire on top of this symbolizes the Buddha as master of the world. In addition, each level has described one of the 5 elements i.e. earth, fire, wind, water and sky.


Japanese Pagoda generally is build from wooden with posts, a central column of interlocking beams. This Japanese Pagoda is really tall and also comes into five stories. The roof of pagoda boast wide overhangs competed with clay tiles. It is so sturdy and great which is constructed to take the earth movements, causing them resistant to typhoons and earthquakes.

Well Known Samples

Kyoto’s Toji pagoda is one of the most popular in Japan. Its complete name is Kyoto’s Hoshoji, it included an octagonal pagoda and is dedicated as the highest structure around Japan at 272.3 feet or almost 83 meters till it had been destroyed by great fire in the 15th century during the Onin war at that century long ago.

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